Josh in the Gym: Airdyne and Team

Josh in the Gym: Airdyne and Team

Josh in the Gym: Airdyne and Team

So we had Team HV Practice today. It was great fun, however I needed to get my 10 Min Airdyne test done first.

It was pretty awful, but I had a plan. Steven gave me an interesting strategy to play around with. He said to sprint for 10 Calories, then coast for 5 Calories. It actually worked out really well except…

AD Score…About 3/4 of the way into it, I realized that I was nowhere near 200 Calories. I think that I went a little too slow during my 5-Calorie rests. It does seem, however, that this is a good strategy since it worked pretty well for Steven. I’ll try it again in a month or so and see if I can’t improve.

After that, we had an awesome Team practice. Hayley and I both PR’d on the Power Clean (Not the squat clean)! Thanks to everyone who came to practice. It’s always a pleasure!

Saturday’s Training:
300 FU: (10 Mins of AD)
190 Cals

A. In 15 Mins, find a 1RM Power Clean

B. In 5 Mins, you and a partner AMRAP Thrusters
@50% of part A.
59 Reps @ 145#

C. Skill Work
C1. Tempo T2B @ 31X1 for 6-8 Reps
6 Reps. These were hard.
C2. Parallette HSPU’s
Sets of 2 Reps – (Head 2 Deck)

D. Partner WOD
1 person works at a time.
12 Min AMRAP
10 MU buy in:

10 Bar Transfers
10 Burpee Box Jumps
100m Partner Carry.
Partner: Hayley
Score: 3 Rounds + 10 Bar Transfers