Wednesday: Is We Recoverings Hard, pt deux

Wednesday: Is We Recoverings Hard, pt deux

Wednesday: Is We Recoverings Hard, pt deux

So we’re training hard. That my friends…is never going to change.


But…are we recovering hard enough? I’m still focused on this topic…the more I learn the more I continue to be amazed at understanding its importance.


I’m constantly on the look out for tools that can enhance our training at High Voltage. Whether it’s a new progression for a lift a new way to tackle a weakness more cutting edge information on how to program…this is a journey and a process…not a destination.


It’s also a little bit of an addiction I guess.


Lately since I’ve been getting up earlier (from all my post training recovery work I spoke about last week) I’ve found myself with all these pesky morning hours just staring me in the face.


Then I figured…if I’m up might as well use it right? (Because see if you don’t use it…yeah…you get it).


So I’ve added another tool to my routine that you can either do when you get up…or when you wind it down at night.


A sample morning PNF Routine (aka proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation).


·      The morning routine should be general and similar to the first part of your mobilization.

·      This means about 20-50% effort (keep it light you just woke up after all)

·      I recommend starting off with stretches & mobilization techniques that you are really comfortable with until you get the handle of it.

·      For me this means lots of hip quad and shoulder movements.

·      For you they’re going to be different. Think of the ‘trouble’ parts that just take you a bit longer than everyone else to get going. Start there…start there lightly.

·      Over time increase the movement selection you’re doing or make it appropriate for what you plan on doing that day (CrossFit vs surfing).

·      Hold each position for about 5-10 seconds on relax about the same. Then repeat that same side/movement 4 more times. 5-10 on relax about the same 5x per side/movement. This is a ‘basic’ starting point.


The results:


I’ve felt more comfortable through out the day whether it’s during training…or during those other hours that we have between training…I think it’s called work. My body is more primed during training sessions and my warm ups take less time because I haven’t let an entire day of achiness & stiffness build up.


Better training means more consistency…and we know that consistency with proper programming yields long term results.
Give it a shot – let me know what you think.


And I’d love to hear of any of your morning routines in comments. I’m always on the prowl to steal a good idea!

Wednesday’s Training: 

Skill: Back Squat

  • 8-10 reps @ 31×1


B. 20 Minute AMRAP

  • 400 Meter run
  • 10x KB Goblet Lunge
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Wall Ball

A. Back Squat:

  • 4 x 8-10 @ 30×0
  • rest 2 min


B. 20 Min AMRAP:

  • 400 meter run
  • 10x Goblet Lunge (1 or 2kb)
  • 10 kb push press (single arm)
  • 10 wall ball

A. Back Squat

  • 4×5 @ 30×0
  • rest 2 min between sets


B. 20 Minute AMRAP

  • 400 Meter run
  • 10x KB Goblet Lunge (int/adv is 2 KB’s in front rack)
  • 10x KB Push Press (one hand or both hands together)
  • 10 wall balls (2 fers for advanced) 
  • Advanced – same splits every round & unbroken rounds