Tuesday: Balance

Tuesday: Balance

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Now let’s read some awesomeness from Mr. Tim Thackrey about Balance…


If you’ve been hanging around the gym lately you’ve probably seen the Assessment & Movement Screening I’ve been doing on our Firebreathers.


“Tim if they’re doing CrossFit every day…then why the need for more Assessment?”


Yeah I’ve gotten this a few times and I think it’s a great question…it’s one that has really been on the forefront of my mind when writing our gyms programming (and other gym’s programming now – which is really really cool but a totally different topic).


The simple answer is: Balance Priorities & Longevity. 


But…because it’s my blog I don’t want to stop at the simple answer.


-Ready to dig deep? Ok – just a little deeper…I can’t give away all the goodies in 1 post.


In addition to being ready for anything which is always at the core of our CrossFit and fitness training we’ve begun to dig down the rabbit hole and get more and more into the ‘how’ of Ready for Anything. Is doing anything what gets you ready for anything. There’s no simple answer to this question but my gut tells me that a the right blend of prep and variety yields the best results.


This brings me to Balance – are you ready for anything but more ready for some things than others (cue Animal Farm references here).


The data that’s coming out shows that for a balanced athlete: you need to have each lift in line with other lifts – we base them off of your back squat.


For a TRAINED ATHLETE – if your back squat is 100% then your


Deadlift should be 125% (of bsq)

Front Squat is 85% (of bsq)

Power Clean is 66% (of bsq)

Power Snatch is 51% (of bsq)

(from www.optexperience.com)


There’s of course norms for the rest of the lifts but I’m not going to list them all here…that’s for a longer term project I’m working on – this involves working on Neuromuscular Endurance and %’s of your 1RM…but again…that’s a whole-nother-blog.


-So…if everything is in balance but your power clean is only 60% of your 100% back squat…


We now know your priorities! We need to add more strength speed technique etc to your Olympic Lifts.


Then once we can balance that out…


We look to longevity!


Can we raise all the lifts equally? Can we raise your back squat 50#…while keeping all the %’s of that lift proportionate? That’s the goal. That’s our mission. It’s important from an injury prevention approach and that of course is directly tied to longevity.


And so the cycle continues.


We are doing the same thing with work capacity testing – we are looking to seeing if a CrossFitter is more strong than they are enduring or vice versa? This helps us tailor the trainings that we do with the group while still giving them an individual approach. Does this athlete need to do Fran with a weight vest…or do they need to do it at 75# and make their lungs hurt? Make sense?


This already happens every day at High Voltage…this is just the next step down the rabbit hole.



There’s obviously way way more to this…but that’s also part of the ongoing journey we’re all on at High Voltage.


These are the questions that the coaches and I are constantly talking about:

How do we structurally balance you? How do we systematically increase your work capacity ability across broad time and modal domains? How do we make you ready for anything?


And how do we make it so much fun you won’t shut up about it?


ok…more questions of course…but I’ve also got unlimited blogs to write…so until the next one I’ll see you all at the box!




Think of what your 1RM’s are for the lift I’ve posted. Are you in balance? Is something catching up? Have you been avoiding it? Post your %’s to comments!

Tuesday’s Training: 

Pre-Skill Row Tech:

  • 100m sprint
  • Rest
  • 100m sprint


Skill: Thruster Mechanics


WOD: “Jackie”

1000m row

50x Thrusters (empty bar/db’s)

30x Pull Ups

A. Skill & Movement Review: Power Clean & Power Jerk


B. “Grace” : 30 Clean & Jerks for time: 8 minute CAP.


C. Tabata Sit Ups: Low Score

A. Movement Prep


B. 8 minute cap: 30 Clean & Jerks for time (135/95) – adv (155/105).


C. Tabata Sit Up: Low Score


D. Coach’s choice!