Josh in the Gym: Freedom Run!

Josh in the Gym: Freedom Run!

Josh in the Gym: Freedom Run!

USA! USA! Happy America everyone. I hope you all had a great Independence Day. Mine went pretty well. I ended up deciding to compete last minute in the Annual Legendary Competitor Freedom Run in Ladera Ranch.

It’s essentially a 5k (3.1 mile) run with CrossFit spread out intermittently along the way. It was unlike any race I’d done in the past.

The CrossFit movements consisted of…

50m Bear Crawl
30 Burpees
30 Box Jumps (30″)
100 Double Unders
100m Walking Lunges

The CrossFit components weren’t too challenging. I just referred back to my MAP session training and kept the whole thing at about 80% effort (That is until the final 200m when I turned on the afterburners and smoked a a fair portion of the competition lol). But one thing that made me feel so good was knowing that I had the tools to do well.

I trusted in the training and it paid off :).

Ladera Race

Thursday’s Training:

AM: Freedom 5k CrossFit Competition
2nd Place

A. Find a 1RM Strict Press

B. AMRAP Strict Press at 85% of A. 30X0
8 Reps @ 30X0

Happy 4th everyone!