Josh in the Gym: Newbie

Josh in the Gym: Newbie

Josh in the Gym: Newbie

So I did my first sprint Triathlon over the weekend! It felt really good to finish.

Going into it, I was super worried about the swim. There were about 4 big buoys spread out across the whole lake. I went up to one of the officials and asked, “Which buoys do we have to swim around?” He chuckled, looked at me with a grin, and replied “All of ’em”. Anyway, I paced the swim pretty heavily and didn’t stop the whole way. I felt like I had really completed my goal as I ran out of the water…



…until I got onto the bike.

I figured, once the swim’s out of the way, it’s smooth sailing from there.


I first of all want to thank Brett Hocker for letting me borrow his awesome Jamis bike. I’d also like to say that the first time I practiced on the bike was during the actual race. People were seriously FLYING past me. I was pedaling hard and trying all sorts of gears, but it became pretty clear early into the ride that my lack of experience was going to be a huge factor.

Then my butt started to cramp. I don’t mean that it cramped from pedaling or lactic burn. I was not prepared for the pain caused from sitting on a narrow-ass hard seat for 45+ mins. It was awful.

So I finished the bike ride and transitioned pretty quick into the 3 mile run. This is where I made up some time. I must have passed a solid 30 people on the run. People were just running out of gas at that point. I will say that I did get some small satisfaction passing people who had surpassed me on the bike ride. It made me feel a lot better. All in all, it was a fun experience and a great weekend spent with the family. This is not going to be my last triathlon, but it was good to get this one under my belt so that I know what I need to work on. Clearly I need to practice riding the bike a bit more.

Post tri

Back to CrossFit training. Back to the competitive edge.

Monday’s Training:

A. Strict Press
Moving up in weight
Topped out at 160#. Matched my 1RM at 165#.

B. 1RM High Bar Back Squat @ 30X0
Nailed 365#. My PR is 375#. I skipped that and went straight to 400#. I failed that twice. It’s really close though. I’ll get it soon :).

Perform at 80% SH
A. 3 Rounds
15 Thrusters @ 100#
15 CtB Pull Ups
4:48 Rx

Rest 16 Mins

3 Rounds
15 Thrusters @ 100#
15 CtB Pull Ups
5:46 Rx


See you at the box!

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