Thursday: Pose Running, what the heck is that?

Thursday: Pose Running, what the heck is that?

Thursday: Pose Running, what the heck is that?

In CrossFit I believe the most hated movement is running. People even skip the gym so that they can avoid running. But why?

Without realizing running is the most natural thing you have done since you were a baby. Pretty sure before crossfitting most people didn’t know how to do a kipping pull up or clean a barbell. Sometimes it becomes to easier work on something new as oppose to working on something old and broken.

I will let you on one of the many drills that will open your eyes to why cleaning up your running technique is important.

Most individuals heel strike. Heel striking happens while we are running. Our center of gravity is behind our foot so when we place our foot on the ground our heel lands first. Our body then has to rotate over the lever and pushes of the toes.

Now take off shoes and jump on your heels. Careful!!!  This is painful and more importantly you should be questioning whether or not to do this. Why because your heels are not meant for that kind of impact.

If you would like soften the blows to your heels and embrace many other Pose techniques then come join us for Run like a Track star with Coach Brewster this Saturday at 11am- 12pm.

Who is ready to face Pose running head on and start passing people during the running WODS?



Thursday’s Training: 

Pre-Skill Structural: GHD Raise

  • 5-10 reps 3 sets


Skill: Overhead Squat

  • 5 reps @ 21×1



  • 400m Bumper Plate Run
  • 50x KB Swings
  • 150 Single Unders
  • 400m Bumper Plate Run

Pre-Skill Structural: GHD Raises

  • 3 sets of 5-10 GHD Raises


Skill: Hang Power Snatch

  • 5 reps 4 sets


WOD: For time

  • 400m Bumper Plate Run
  • 50x KB Swings
  • 50x Double Unders
  • 400m Bumper Plate Run


Ax4-5 sets – 3 Position Snatch

  • High Hang
  • Just Below Knee
  • Floor


B. EMOM: 16 Minutes (4x at each station)

  • Press x 8 reps
  • GHD Raise x 8-10 reps
  • Rope Climb x3 (ADAP)
  • L-Sit Max Hold (20 second minimum)