Thursday: Our Newest “Tool”

Thursday: Our Newest “Tool”

Thursday: Our Newest “Tool”

Everyday that we spend getting stronger and faster is one day we should be properly recovering.


Recently we have been gifted with another tool to everyone’s tool box called “The Stick.” To highlight we have three tools: the newly added “The Stick” foam rollers and lacrosse balls.


Each of these tools will help with self-myofascial release (SMR). SMR is a popular form of self-massage used to reduce soft-tissue stiffness aid post-workout recovery and maintain normal muscular function.


Fascia penetrates and surrounds every one of our muscles and organs in our body.  It helps link together muscles and groups of muscles from the top of our skulls to the bottom of our feet.


Fascia is tightly packed collagen and elastic fibers woven together like the fibers of a sweater that are reside in a gel-like bath called ground substance.  Ground substance has the unique ability to go from gel to liquid-form in response to pressure heat or stretch.


After a hard workout your muscles have stretched and strained themselves and your fascia can start to ball up knot or stick together. This can ultimately lead to muscle tightness flexibility issues sticky joints.


After workouts everyone should be doing some short of recovery work especially those who are doing the Endurance program!!!


So do YOU do recovery work daily??? Post in the comments!




PS Interested in signing-up for the Endurance Program? Click HERE and sign-up! There’s only some spots left because we’re capping it at 12 athletes.

Thursday’s Training: 

Pre-Structural Anaerobic: Row 250m hard rest x 3 sets


Skill: 3 sets of each:

  • Banded strict pull ups 10 reps @ 30×0
  • Push ups 10 reps (upgrade to paralletes etc)


WOD: Full Tabata at each station

  • Row for cal
  • No Push Up Burpees
  • Sit Ups

Score is total reps

Skill: Hang Squat Clean

  • 5 reps 4-5 sets



B1. Strict Chin Ups

  • 5 reps @ 31×0 or 31A0 rest 1 min

B2. Strict Dips

  • 5 reps @ 31×0 or 31A0 rest 1 min


C. Airdyne: 30 seconds on 2:30 off x 3 sets

Ax4-5. Power Clean

  • (rest 5 sec between reps)
  • rest :90-2 min between sets



B1. Weighted Chin Up

  • 5 reps rest 1 min

B2. Weighted Dip

  • 5 reps rest 1 min

B3. GHD Sit Ups

  • 15 reps rest 1 min


Cx1. Aidryne: 1 min for max cals Challenge