Thursday: Structural Recovery

Thursday: Structural Recovery

Thursday: Structural Recovery

Whenever we get injured it’s important when rehabbing the damaged muscles or joints to strengthen the surrounding tissues. This will give you more stability and control when working on the injured areas.


Structural work plays a huge role in recovering from injury.


For example if one had an ankle injury we would first want to make sure that the stabilizing muscles surrounding the foot and the muscles in the calf are strong enough to function properly.


As time goes by and the ankle begins to heal we can focus on training downstream closer to the ankle. Eventually we’ll be able to use the ankle once again. It’s important to start slow but you’ll eventually be able to build strength again. In time you may even be able to build up some quickness when recruiting the ankle.


Some injuries are too far gone to recover from (ex. car accident). However with injuries that can be rehabbed it simply requires patience and the correct dose responses.



Thursday’s Training:

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Pre-Skill: Structural: 3 sets: Strict Chin Ups

  • 6-8 reps @ 30×1/30A1


Skill: Deadlift

  • 5 reps @ 2020


WOD: Full Tabata at each station: rest 1 min after each full tabata (8 rounds) is complete)

  • Row for Cal
  • Box Step Ups (weighted or unweighted)
  • Plank Hold
  • 5m shuttle run

Ax4 sets

A1. Deadlift: 1.1.1 (rest 5 sec between lifts)

  • Rest 30 sec

A2. Muscle Up Transitions (transitional work)

  • Rest 90 sec



BB Walking Lunge (down floor) – increase weight each time.


C. Tabata Row For Cal + Tabata Burpees