Friday: Game Time!

Friday: Game Time!

Friday: Game Time!

Read up today…I kind of went on a rant…but I’ve got something important to say (finally!). With so many events & competitions going on…what is the right level of event for you?

Train train train….train train train. Is that all there is to this? And what’s all this ‘Getting Involved Keeps Us Involved’ mumbojumbo? And when is Tim going to announce the super awesome event that’s coming up that you can only be invited by earning an invite?

Ok..first things first…let’s talk training…yeah we ARE talking training (and practice) man!

Over the course of years your training SHOULD have a different focus at different times.

This sports scientists at the US Olympic Training Center explained it to me this way as far as Long Term Athlete Development (LDAT) is concerned. I’ve been talking with the coaches at High Voltage about this a lot and I think this basic model fits well with the fitness progressions we use at our box.

What…you want me to explain? Ok it’s the least I could do.

When you start training you’re in the ‘training to train’ stage. Coming to your regular class and training time 2x per week IS your competition. Doing this for a six months to a year IS your big accomplishment.

Sure the positive changes in your life body composition and overall health are there and noticable…but they wouldn’t have been if you didn’t achieve your first BIG goal – being consistent. And that is training just to train.

After you’ve crushed the first step what’s next? I mean you ‘could’ keep training just to train…but like a good training program you most likely need additional stimulus (think increased time under tension) to progress.

This is where additional events such as Benchmark Workouts Gym-Wide Challenges Fun Runs and In House Competitions are especially useful. The USOC categorizes this area as the ‘Competing for Fun’ stage.

Competing for fun means just that – Rich Froning (Jr or Sr) isn’t shaking in his boots just yet. These events & competitions are designed to help create additional  focus to your training…because you’ve already mastered the first step (of training to train remember? It was only like a paragraph ago stay with me!) the additional accountability both Personal and Communal are the appropriate level of increased stim needed to make the next set of ‘dem gainz’.

But wait…there’s more!

The next step is Training to Compete – and this is definitely different than competing for fun.

Training to Compete means that you are starting to make life choices around events weeks and months away. It means sometimes your training is really freaking horrible but you’re making the training hard so you can unleash your full potential at the competition. This of course is built on mastery of the first 2 steps – you’re great at training consistently (step 1) and you have really enjoyed the amazing benefits of being a part of different events.

This stage is for people looking to really make a mark at the Open make it to Regionals on a Team or Individual do an entire NLI or Cal Affiliate League Series (not just one of the days but all 3 events over a 6 month period) etc.

Now here’s an interesting thing…you don’t ‘shed’ stage 1 & 2…they’re STILL THERE. You have to continue to train to train…otherwise you’re going to be quite out of shape at your event…and you still have to Compete for Fun at events smaller relative to your BIG Competition that you’re really training for.

These smaller events challenges and throwdowns help chunk down the macrocycle into achievable micro & meso cycles.  Watch your toes Volts & Vixens…I’ve got an open tab at…

Finally the last of the main stages of LDAT is Competing to Win.

This stage is just like it sounds. Your goal your being and your life revolve around being at the top of the podium on the biggest stages. This is the CrossFit Games The Olympics The World Championships etc.

You get to this point Rich Froning probably wants to work in with you while you WOD.

So…this brings me to my Question of the Day…what is the right stage for YOU?

Answer…there’s not one. At different times of your life you’ll have different needs.

I spent my 20’s in the Competing to Win stage. I lived at the US OTC traveled the world on the USOC’s dime didn’t have a ‘real job’…and trained anywhere from 4-6 hours per day on average…plus Sports Med…plus Scouting…plus plus plus.

Now I’m back in the Competing for Fun stage. And it’s pretty cool. I actually think it’s my first time there (knowingly at least) and I’m having a good time being accountable beginning to compete regularly but not turning my life upside down and living in my car again (which I did twice for about 3 months at a time in my 20’s…like I said…Compete to WIN!).

So…where do you fit on the LDAT Spectrum right now? And what are you doing to maximize the tools each stage has to help your performance?


PS – speaking of this…Saturday at 9am is the Whole Life Challenge Kick Off at High Voltage.

2nd…Carly & Stephanie are competing at the Pretty Gritty Girl Competition this Saturday repping our box!

3rd. You can still sign up for Endurance & ‘Compete For Fun’ at the 5k or 1/2 Marathon at the end of Rocktober (or was it Toyotathon?)

Finally – Instructor Training Program meeting & Info Sesh next Thursday at 6:30pm…we’re looking for the next generation of leaders for our Community…and we’ve been blessed with some amazing ones that are tough enough to show the way…Are YOU that next person? Show up & see for yourself!


Skill: Push Jerk: Sets of 5 Reps

WOD: 21-15-9
Push Press (DB or BB)
Pull Ups (sub ring rows)
Double Unders/Single Unders (3:1 reps)

Skill: Push Jerk: Sets of 5 Reps

WOD: 21-15-9
Push Press (DB or BB)
Pull Ups (sub ring rows)
Double Unders

A1. Split Jerk x3 reps rest 20 sec
A2. L-Sit (30 seconds) rest 90 sec sec

B. 21-15-9 reps for time
Push Press
CtB Pull Ups
Double Unders