Monday: Ongoing Progress, Ongoing Challenges

Monday: Ongoing Progress, Ongoing Challenges

Monday: Ongoing Progress, Ongoing Challenges

Oh man! What an amazing weekend!

Our Endurance Program Kicked off…the Whole Life Challenge is challenging our cap of 50 Volts & Vixens to live their best 8 weeks ever (stay tuned…)…but there was even more!

Over the weekend we had 2 sets of Volts & Vixens take on competitions outside the box!

On Saturday Carly & Stephanie helped put their training to the test as ‘Team Rack City Vixens’ and made sure their ‘competing for fun’ really meant just that! They repped High Voltage proper!

On Sunday our favorite Waffle Wodders Nicolas & Dean…aka…’Team Dicolas’ competed and put their training to the test. They each PR’d their Power Clean at 175 & 185! Booya!

What place did they each come in? Honestly…I didn’t even ask (is that horrible?)!!!

OK – here’s why I didn’t ask…


For these Volts & Vixens the purpose of the competition was not to win…although they certainly made each of your proud by giving their ‘Full Effort’.

Just like everyone taking on the WLC the Endurance Program getting ready to join the ITP this week (the meeting is Thursday night at 6:30pm yo!) etc they used these markers in their training plan to help keep them more accountable than ever.

And the result?

Well like I said Nicolas & Dean each PR’d their clean – which is exactly why we put ourselves on the line like this! Fun communal events whether it’s the friendly trash talking of our buddies or the respect of our peers helps us step up and live and perform our very best possible.

As for Carly & Stephanie they’re stoked to compete again…there were no benchmarks at their competition…but the fact that they’re ready to go again is certain to help make their training more fun and meaningful than it could be on their own.

And that’s why WHO you train with matters on a daily basis. At High Voltage we push each other we hold each other accountable and we celebrate our successes together. It’s an important part of the magical formula.

If it’s one you’re missing…stop by the box today and get a dose.


Whole Life Challenge WEEK 1 Sponsor: eliteEats

Monday’s Training: 

Pre-Skill Anaerobic: 200m run x 2 sets
Skill: Med Ball Clean
WOD: 2 minute Drill

2 min on 2 min off x4
5x Med Ball Clean
10x Burpees
15x Sit Ups
Remaining time is Jump Rope Passes

Pre-Skill Anaerobic
200m run x 3 sets (rest 2 min between attempts)
Skill: Hang Power Clean x 5 reps (for 10 min)

WOD: 2 Minute Drill
2 min on 2 min off
5x Med Ball Clean
10x Burpees
15x Sit Ups
Remaining Time is Jump Rope Passes

All Levels:
Ax5: 2 Power Clean + 2 Power Jerk rest 2 min

B. 2 minute Drill:
2 min on 2 min off x 4 sets (1 for every quarter!)
5x Clean & Jerk (at 67-75% of A)
10x Burpees
15x Sit Ups
Remaining time is double unders (score is total double unders + weight used for clean + jerk)