Monday: Because Getting Involved…

Monday: Because Getting Involved…

Monday: Because Getting Involved…

I had an amazing few days at the end of last week with my High Voltage peeps.

See…it started off with our ITP info sesh on Thursday night having over a dozen Volts & Vixens step up to put themselves through the gauntlet to become the next leaders in our Community…I am always so excited to see what this group is capable of!

And it peaked on Saturday with 10 Volts & Vixens throwing down & representing at the NLI’s “Dynamic Duo” competition with another couple dozen more of our peeps out there leading the screaming section!

There were so many highlights PR’s & personal accomplishments all around Coach Dan & JCVD winning their final WOD Derek & Frank PR’ing on the Deadlift/Clean & Jerk WOD…I could go on…but the biggest memory for most of us was watching Stefan & Coach Josh in the lane next to Garret Fischer (4th at the CF Games this year) and Pat ‘the Manimal’ Barber – both incredible athletes & absolute Firebreathers – and going rep for rep for the entire Power Clean Toes to Bar Sprint WOD. So epic! Afterwords like the true champs they are Pat came up to Josh and told him he didn’t know how he was able to move so fast! Very very cool.

And it also got me thinking…

That when we Get Involved….It Keeps Us Involved…and staying involved is another important key to our training & ongoing progress.

So…we’re very proud to announce the return of the High Voltage In House Throw Down!

This event is a celebration of all the amazing things our Community does together…every competition every challenge every skill seminar everything that we do to help get just a little more healthy than yesterday.

It’s also a fun competition – we have beginning intermediate and advanced divisions with appropriate workouts for each level of fitness. I’ll be dropping some WOD ‘hints’ here shortly.

We’re planning on having this every quarter with different themes and formats to keep it constantly awesome.

And the price? It’s Free! Yup this is another opportunity for us to give back to every amazing thing that each of you do…and a chance to help nudge you all along just a little further.

The first In House Throw Down will be Saturday October 19 and of course more information will follow.

~To your ongoing progress


Pre-Skill Anaerobic: 50m sprint 3 sets Skill: Med Ball Clean Instruction + Hang Power Clean x sets of 5 WOD: 12 Min AMRAP 5x Med Ball Clean 10x Burpee 100m Sprint

Pre-Skill Anaerobic: 50m sprint 3 sets Skill: Hang Power Clean x5 reps (sets) WOD: 10 Min AMRAP 5x Med Ball Clean 10x Burpee 100m Sprint

Ax4. A1. Power Clean x3 rest 30 sec A2. 50m sprint rest 1 min Bx3 B1. Press x5; 21×1 rest 30 sec B2. GHD Sit Ups 12 rest 30 sec C. 5 min AMRAP 4x Power Clean (80% of A1) 8x Burpee Over Bar