Tuesday: Strengths & Weaknesses

Tuesday: Strengths & Weaknesses

Tuesday: Strengths & Weaknesses

So we’ve got 2 awesome Benchmark WOD’s today…and in each of those there’s probably something you like & something you’d rather avoid on it’s own.

Sound familiar?

For the beginners classes we’re testing ‘Cindy’ – 20 minutes of Bodyweight movements.

For All Levels we’re testing ‘Elizabeth’. Some weighlifting + ring dips.

Most people are divided on these – some are lifters some are more endurancy’ers and some are more bodyweighters.

Which part holds you back the most is going to have the most to do with your results on these.

So what do we do from there?

We keep hitting on weaknesses keep trying to achieve balanced fitness where you’re not ‘THAT’ person who can lift but can’t last or can last but can’t lift.

Which type are you? What are you doing to help ‘balance’ your CrossFitness?




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20 Minute AMRAP

5x Pull Ups

10x Push Ups

15x Squats

WOD: “Cindy”

5x Pull Ups

10x Push Ups

15x Squats

A. Power Clean Complex x4-5 sets

3x Power Clean 3x Front Squat 3x Power Jerk

B. “Elizabeth”

21-15-9 reps for time

Power Clean (135/95) (Scale Weight as needed)
Ring Dip (sub to static dips/Push Ups)

Advanced: 155# Power Clean

C. Max Effort Plank Hold (45/25# on hips)