Friday: What you CAN do

Friday: What you CAN do

Friday: What you CAN do

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Let’s hear it for Marc Binda! Give this Healthy Man a big ‘Yeah Buddy’!

The CrossFit and fitness world is BIG.

There’s a lot to discover and a lot about ourselves that we get to find out.

Sometimes this happens when we first look at a workout (what does the voice in your head say?).

Sometimes we learn about our approach when we come into the box:  Did you Check Your Ego At The Door?

Sometimes it happens mid-WOD – do you doubt yourself? Do you know how to pace properly?

And sometimes this happens in those blissful moments post-WOD where we can high-5 reflect and congratulate each other on a WOD well done.

But what happens when that voice in our head get loud?

What happens when you see a workout/movement/or progression that is outside your wheel house?

Do you get caught up in that and make it into a mountain?

Or do you focus on what you can do?

When you’re training with your entire body and working on broad balanced fitness you’re constantly going to be confronted with each of these dilemmas.

And every day you have this choice: You can make it a mountain or you can focus on what you CAN do.

The choice is yours…but we can not neglect the adaptations that comes between the ears.



Skill: Back Squat

6-8 reps; 31×1

WOD: 3 Rounds for time

400m Run

21x Goblet Squats

21x Sit Ups

Skill: Back Squat: Sets of 5 reps; 31×1

WOD:  3 Rounds for time

400m Run

21x Goblet Squats

21x Sit Ups

A. 400m Run x3 sets; rest 3 min after each set

B. “Tower of Power”

1 Min Max Rep Back Squat rest 3 min

135/85: 1 pt per rep

185/115: 3pts per rep

225/135: 7pts per rep

185/115: 3 pts per rep

135/85: 1 pt per rep