A Full Effort Weekend

A Full Effort Weekend

A Full Effort Weekend

There’s so much awesome happening in our High Voltage Community…I guess getting fit helps keep you even more fit!

This Saturday we have a Big Crew of Veterans and First Timers competing at the NLI. Here’s the deets on that:

American Sports Center 1500 S. Anaheim Blvd Anaheim California 92805

Second our amazing 8 Week Endurance Program is ready for it’s biggest test…the LA Rock & Roll Half Marathon.

After months of skills drills tempo runs and structural work this group IS READY!

Coach Katie has done an absolutely incredible job with this highly dedicated group and I can’t wait to see how much their hard work and dedication pays off.

Finally – we have a full schedule Saturday with the  structural lifting & cyclical conditioning ‘AC/DC’ class at 9am Team WOD for everyone at 10am and regular Barbell class (not the 10 week course that starts next Saturday with an Open Intro for everyone who is interested). There are only 3 spaces left!

I love helping people dive deep into some specific subject matter for a bit then come out the other side stronger healthier and overall fitter. -Tim

PS I’ve got a couple BIG announcements coming for next week…stay tuned. I’m fired up about these!

PPS – a really fun training day today…but you’ve got to come in to see it! #EverReady   #itsabenchmark #notfran