Wednesday: Friends on Friends on Friends!

Wednesday: Friends on Friends on Friends!

Wednesday: Friends on Friends on Friends!

The High Voltage

“Friends on Friends on Friends” Referral Program! 

‘Let’s have your friends become our friends and we can be friends’

-Notorious BIG inventor CFHV Friends on Friends on Friends program.

You hear it all the time…

“You look so great”

“I love all the awesome events you’re a part of”

“What IS your secret?”

-Don’t worry…we’re here to help you answer these questions your friends & family constantly ask!

We’ve always been honored that over 50% of our members come directly from YOU and your amazing results.

So to keep up with your awesomeness we’ve upped our game in a Very Big Way!

Presenting the High Voltage ‘Friends on Friends on Friends’ Referral Program.

And it’s super easy (like 3 steps easy).

Step 1: You have a friend or family member who could benefit from the awesome training coaching and Community that you get to experience all the time.

Step 2: You can either have them attend a class with you (for free you’ll be their ambassador for the day) or help get them scheduled with a Free 1 on 1 Intro to CrossFit session.

Step 3: If they decide to become a member of High Voltage you both get 25% off your next monthly payment.

Best of all there is No Limit to how many or how often you can use the ‘Friends on Friends on Friends’ program.

And we promise not to make them ‘too’ sore…

Pre-Skill Structural: Rope Climb instruction & positioning –
Skill: Kipping Pull Up Progressions

WOD: 5 min amrap; 3 min rest x 3 sets

1. 5x Ring Rows or Jumping Pull Ups
5x hand Release Push Ups

2. 6x Slam Ball
6x box Step Up

3. 7x KB SWing
7m Shuttle Run 


Level 1/2:

A1. 5x Pull Ups ADAP (chin over bar chest to bar belly button to bar muscle up etc)

A2. Rope Climb: 30 Second AMRAP

A3. L-Sit Hold: 20 second Cumulative

B. 5 min on 2 min off 3x stations – same as all levels:
1. 5x Toes to bar
5x Slam Ball

2. 6x Hand Release Push Ups
6x V-Ups Ups

3. 7x KB Swings
7m Shuttle Run

A. Skillz

A1. Muscle Up Transitional Work

A2. Rope Climbs: 30 second AMRAP

A3. Turkish Get Ups x3 Each Arm

B. Max Aerobic Power: Start at the most challenging station

5 min AMRAP rest 2 min: Start at any station

Station 1.

5xToes to Bar

5x Slam Ball


Station 2.

6x Box Jump

6x Hand Release Push Ups


Station 3.

7x KB Swings

7m shuttle run (out & back)