Friday: Full Effort Weekend pt 4

Friday: Full Effort Weekend pt 4

Friday: Full Effort Weekend pt 4


Yup – that’s Dessi – in both photos 😉 Over 4 years ago at the old box in NoHo! Now she’s just passed her Level 1 ITP Test and is going to be helping you all rock it on the floor during your workouts! And…she’s doing her first competition this weekend! 

There’s nothing I like better than seeing the progression of someone walking through our doors for the first time not knowing what all this ‘Cross-Fitness’ stuff is about…then going on to learn to squat lift & press in our Level 1 beginners class…then getting enough courage to move forward to an All Levels class…

The cycle keeps on continuing that’s why we say we run a ‘Progression Based’ CrossFit program.

Everyone starts where they are. There’s not ‘getting ready’ for CrossFit. It’s just coming in checking your ego at the door and being coachable.

Ironically that approach that works so well for getting started is the same approach that works so well when you’ve been training for 5+ years.

And for the Volts & Vixens in their first competition this weekend – The ‘Battle of the Boxes’ in Upland at CrossFit Kinnick on Saturday – it’s this same mindest that will get them through.

Show up check your ego at the door…and give your Full Effort.

There’s no ending to this journey – sure it takes different forms as we progress as we develop and as we mature – but the good news is that the deep skills you learn from Day 1 at High Voltage are the same ones that will help push past years of hurdles and on to your goals.


Skill: Deadlift: Sets of 10 reps; 2020

200m Run
2 laps bear crawl
5x Burpees
10x Box Jump + Step Down
15x DB Push Press

A. Deadlift: Sets of 8-10 reps; 2020
B. 20 Min AMRAP
200m Run
2 Laps Bear Crawl
10x H.R.Push Ups
10x Alt Arm KB Clean (5 each arm – sub to single arm Russian Swing)
15x Double Unders

All Levels:
A. In 12 Min build to a 2 rep Snatch at 1.1 (. = 10 sec rest exactly after first one is complete) (Sub to 2 Rep Overhead Squat)

B.15 Min AMRAP
200m run
5x HSPU (sub to 10x HR Push Ups or Ring Push Ups)
3 laps Bear Crawl (up & down floor is 1 lap)
10x Alt Arm KB Clean (5 each arm – alt reps)
15x Double Unders