Tuesday: And on the 2nd Day of Voltagemas

Tuesday: And on the 2nd Day of Voltagemas

Sing it with me now (you know want to!)

On the Second Day of Voltagemas High Voltage gave to me:

A Food Drive For Our City

And A Spark Starer Program Totally Free! 

Ok – so this is actually something we’ve been doing for the last week but it’s very important to us that we always take care of our Community.

How it works – bring in your non-perishable food. That’s it. It’s about as easy as we could make it to help.

Want to come for a free workout at High Voltage? Bring a can!

Are you a current Volt or Vixen & want to train an extra day each week? Bring a can!

We believe in this so much we put some skin in the game

  • For every 1 Box we have that gets filled up with food Katie Carly & I will row 1000 meters a piece!

So 10 boxes filled up your food donations yup 10000 meters each.

30 boxes of food…that’s a marathon and a half!

  • Remember – give early give often. ‘Tis the season!

Oh one more thing…non-related. I only do this once per year but we’re opening up our old High Voltage Aparrel Catalogue for an order!

It’s now through Wednesday Dec 18..

So if you’ve been jonesing for the OG Blue High Voltage Shirt want one of our BAMF Long Sleeved Thermals or want to add more ‘I <3 CFHV’ gear to your game…

This is the time.

Sign up is at the box!

Ax4 sets. 3 Position Power Snatch
(beginner & int: High hang knee floor)
Adv: Floor Knee High Hang

B. For time:
20x HSPU (sub to AbMat Pike or Push Ups)
30x Toes to Bar
40x kb swings
50x KB Walking Lunges
60x KB Cleans (total reps – either arm split as needed)
70x Sit Ups

Level 1/2:
Skill: Review Burgener Warm Up + OHS
Int: Sets of 3 Hang Power Snatch
Beg: Overhead Squats x3 reps
For time:
20x Push Ups
30x Knee Raises
40x KB Swings
50x KB Walking Lunge
60x Single Arm Russian Swings (total reps alt arms)
70x Sit Ups

Skill: Overhead Squat: Sets of 3 reps
WOD: For time
20x Push Ups
30x Hanging Knee Raises
40x KB Swings
50x KB Walking Lunges
60x Single Arm Russian Swings
70x Sit Ups