Wednesday…The Leak…

Wednesday…The Leak…

Wednesday…The Leak…

Congrats to Melinda who finished her 1st 6 Weeks of ‘The World’s Best Boot Camp’ – before these 6 weeks she literally thought there was NO WAY she could ever train at High Voltage…but she had her first class with us on Monday! 

If you have a loved one who thinks that too…have us help you change their mind! 818-588-3514 for The World’s Best Boot Camp – Burbank! Starting Jan 4! 


“We’re always in beta”

This is probably one of my favorite lines ever I don’t know where I first heard it but if you’ve been around me long enough…you’ve heard me say it for sure.

As our understanding of fitness training & performance grows our Coaches and I are always trying to figure out what are the next steps we can do to help everyone in our Community reach their goals.

And we talk about this stuff All…The…Time!

It’s almost an obsession. A really good obsession like CrossFit!

So this 12th day of High Voltagemas is SO BIG we’ve been brainstorming it for SO LONG…that my first step is just to drop 3 words.

Fitness. Performance. Sport.


But while you ponder that…on those other 11 days of High Voltagemas we’ve got…

Benefits for Competitors

Everyone getting #scapjacked (Crossover Symmetry shoulder pre/rehab stations!)

The January Facebook Check-in Contest!

The Juice Athlete Compound (powered by High Voltage)

(+) The 24 Day Day Challenge (lose AMRAP weight to start 2014)

Team High Voltage Kick Off! (Jan 4 2014)

(+) Weeeeeeee’re Going Greeeeeen!

4 Skill Seminars (Muscle Ups Snatch Rowing + an absolutely FREE Pull Up Seminar)

The World’s Best Boot Camp (Enlistment is LIVE – check out the new website HERE!)

A Food Drive for our City (1 can of food – train for free!)

And A Spark Starter Totally Freeeeeee!!!!!!


All Levels:
A1. Thrusters x5 Reps rest 30 sec
A2. Muscle Up Progressions x5 rest 90 sec

B1. GHD Raise x10
B2. HS Push Up x5 ADAP

C. 5 Min AMRAP
10x Single Arm Thruster (with DB or KB – can alternate as needed)
10x Toes to Bar

Pre-skill Structural; GHD Sit Ups

Skill: Front Squat x5 reps 31×1

8x Wall ball
6x Hanging Knee Raise (or Toes to Bar)
4x Burpees

Pre-Skill Structural

Skill: Front Squat x5 reps 31×1

8x Wall ball
6x Hanging Knee Raise (or Toes to Bar)
4x Burpees