Friday: New Classes & Programs For You!

Friday: New Classes & Programs For You!

Friday: New Classes & Programs For You!

Be forewarned…today is a bit of a manifesto…but PLEASE read it all. I promise it’s good 🙂


2 Pieces of House Keeping before I get into out new Fitness/Performance/Sport Class outlines times & explanations…which I WILL get to.

1. We have 2 Spaces left for this Saturday’s ‘Enlistment Day’ for the World’s Best Boot Camp. It takes place this Saturday at High Voltage at 1pm – 2:30pm.

Have a friend or family that might be right for this program? Click HERE and they’ll be IN for this Saturday’s Enlistment Day…AND a really incredible 6 weeks.

2. Team High Voltage’s “Pre-Season” meeting is this Saturday at 3pm. We know there are a ton of you that want to get in on Team High Voltage and all of its awesomeness…so this meeting we’re calling “Pre-Season”…then we’re going to have another FREE session on Saturday Jan 18. Come out to both & check out just how awesome this group is.


And now for the coolest thing to happen in a while. I’ve been working on this with the rest of the Coaches (even when I’m just picking their brain & they don’t know they’re helping me build it! ha!) to add MORE options more value more progressions and more awesome to everyone’s regularly schedule training at High Voltage.

And I think we’re on the right track.

Starting off – here’s our mindset behind it.

When you come in – yes you’re a beginner…but most people are chasing fitness. No matter what your goals are – if you aren’t yet fit it’s going to be really difficult to make proper long-lasting strides.

Then – once you’ve gotten a proper foundation to your ‘fitness’ – you might decide to stay there and that keeping fit helps you do everything in your life that you need. Awesome. I totally agree.

Or…you might decide you want to step it up a little bit…you know…Performance. You want to really push it now that you have a great foundation and we’re here to help you every step of the way – the Performance programming is going to be where to be training.

Then…once you’ve gotten a good handle on more varied exercise selection & energy system training some of you are going to want to make the final step & turn your fitness into a sport. For people following this programming the Sport pipeline is going to be your best bet.

Now – here’s where it gets really fun.

By doing this we’ve actually INCREASED the offerings of each class type than how we had it before. We used to have 10 beginners or Level 1 (or 1/2) classes per week.

Now we will have 23 classes featuring the ‘fitness’ programming along with 3 dedicated Fitness classes that are designed specifically for people who are just getting into CrossFit.

Our Performance classes (which would probably be similar to our All Levels classes – and I could go on and on about that distinction) – have gone from 24 to 37.

And now our Sport Programming – the Thursday 4:30 Firebreathers is still staying there – and we have a cool idea for that in a later blog…now has 9 different training times for this programming during the week.

-The 3 classes you see that are in Green are our dedicated ‘Fitness’ Classes – these are designed for people who are much newer to High Voltage and our progressive methods of getting everyone fit (see what I did there?).

-Many of the classes are labeled Fitness/Performance. These will have both Fitness and Performance Programming in 1 class (it’ll still run as one class) – while the Fitness focus & programming may be slightly different than the classes that are solely ‘Fitness’.

The reason? What the coaches have found is that many of the people in the old Level 1 class could do the majority of movements & understand the concepts done – but because many of them were chasing “Fitness” they felt more comfortable there.

So here’s what it might look like as an example…not a real day coming up 😉 It’s seriously just to get an idea.


A1. Front Squat x5 reps; 31×1 (performance) x8-10 reps; 31×1 (fitness) rest 1 min

A2. Dips x5 reps 30×0 (Performance)/10 -15 x push ups perfect reps (knees or toes) (Fitness) rest 1 min

B. 5 min on 2 min off x 3 sets

Fitness:                                                                                   Performance:

5x KB Swings (Russian/eye level)                                  7x KB Swings (overhead)

7x Wall Ball                                                                          10x Wall Ball

50x Jump Rope Passes (or 15 double unders)              20x Double Unders


-So hopefully you can see how as a class this could all run together – and it’s not just ‘scaling’ – as in what’s the easiest thing a coach could do to have do ‘just do a WOD’. Now – there’s still ‘TAILORING’ – as in you have an individual need & our coaches are going to make sure you are doing everything properly to choose the right movements to stay in the game. But I see the new programming concepts as progressional – as far as the motor recruitment pattern needed to develop as an athlete at your current stage of learning the proper rep ranges time under tension and energy systems needed to be training to become a truly balanced athlete & individual.

Finally – and I know I’ve been rambling on – but I seriously just LOVE thinking about ways that I can get this Community more & more fit…

As you progress on your fitness journey – different types of programming will be right for you at different times of your training.

Sometimes we need Fitness. Sometimes we’re ready to Perform…and other times we turn our hobbies into a Sport.

All of these are good things.

And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

To see the new class schedule – click here: Make sure you are viewing next week’s calendar and not this week’s. 

Friday’s Training:

All Levels: (the last one)

A. In 15 minutes; Build up to a 1RM Deadlift

-Been out for a bit? Build to a 5 rep Deadlift at 202 tempo

B1. Press x5 rest 30 sec
B2. GHD Sit Up x10-15 reps rest 90 sec

C. Alternating Tabata: (back and forth between stations – 16 rounds total – 2 full tabatas)
Double Unders & Sit Ups – total reps combined

Level 1 & 1/2
Skill: Deadlift;
in 12 minutes build up to a 5 rep max deadlift at 2020 tempo

Tabata: Rotating Tabata total combined reps
Jump Rope Passes
Sit Ups
Russian KB Swings