Monday: Fitness, Performance, Sport

Hey gang!

Today is our first day of our new ‘Fitness, Performance, and Sport’ Programming.

I want to pull back the curtain just a tad – and I’ll do it more as we go forward – so be sure to play along from home.

So today – the movement selection is similar in each class. Some days this will be the case – but not always.

Some times, there may be changes in movement selection (think overhead squat, power snatch, squat snatch, etc).

Others – it may be in work-rest durations (think the effects of a 250m row on a brand newbie, vs someone on Team High Voltage).

I could go on (but I won’t – like I said…I’ll be talking about this more and more).

Each part of the training is a variable. Everything from the movement selection, rep range, duration, tempo, rest interval, desired stimulus…

These are all things we change to get you to your desired goals.

For today – the Fitness programming is working up in sets of 10 reps on back squat – focusing on proper mechanics, hypertrophy, and muscular endurance.

The Performance Programming – they can handle a little more stimulus, are working up to a set of 20 on the back squat, then a set of 10 at the same weight, then a set of 10 at the same weight. It includes everything in the Fitness category, as well as muscular fatigue repeat-ability – super important for higher rep workouts and having a deeper well to pull from when things get tough in a WOD.

Finally – the Sport Programming – not very different than Performance (and many times it’s not) – but it’s the WAY that it has to be done. At a competitive level, these movements must be done precisely, without providing an individual additional fatigue (they should almost become ‘rest’), or impacting the other movements they must complete.

And that’s just the first part…

We put a TON into making sure there is a Reason behind your fitness prescription. We don’t take this stuff lightly.

Putting together training is more than just alternating upper body pull & pressing, bending, squatting, and core…a lot more.

And we can’t wait to keep showing our Community the way.

Check out our schedule of classes here…and don’t forget – our Facebook Check In Contest is HEATING UP!!!!



Skill: Back Squat: 10, 10, 10 (can continue to build up or work across as needed)

WOD: Tabata Low Score at each station, rest 1 min, then rotate.

-Ring Rows/Jumping Pull Ups
-Jump Rope Passes (singles or doubles – just count the passes)
-Row for cal

A. Back Squat: Build up, then;
Performance: 20, 10, 10 + 5# from previous (all at same weight)
Rest 3 min between working sets

B. Tabata: Low Score at each station – rest 1 minute after each full tabata is finished, then rotate (i.e., rotate after all 8 rounds are done at a single movement)

-Pull Ups (ctb is possible)
-Double Unders
-Row for cal

Sport: (at 7:30pm: Performance/Sport)
A. Back Squat: Build up, then;
20, 10, AMRAP on last set at the same weight

B. Tabata: Low Score at each station – (same protocols as the other pipelines)
-CtB Pull Ups
-Double Unders – (at the start of each tabata they do dubs – once they break, that’s their score
-Row for cal