Wednesday: Shoulders?

Wednesday:  Shoulders?

Wednesday: Shoulders?

Note: Daycare is ON tonight – as it is every Monday & Wednesday from 4:15 – 7pm and Saturdays from 8:45 to 11:15am! Bring the kiddies & enjoy your training!

Now – let’s get on to my new FAVORITE obsession that does not involve programming (#alltimefav).

I’m talking Shoulder Mobility. The reason is – I feel like legs & squats & backs we’ve gotten really good at fixin…but shoulders are kind of the thing right now.

Check out the video below from my really good buddy Dr Jason Han.

Jason and I lived together at the Olympic Training Center travelled the world & fought…

Then he went on to PT the Steelers when they won the Super Bowl and Cirque du Soleil (the year they won the Super Bowl too).

PS – our ‘Crossover Symmetry’ stuff should be in soon…in the meantime…listen to the good Dr J Han & stay mobile my friends!

PPS – Jason ‘might’ be coming around High Voltage some…if we ask nicely 🙂



Ax5 Sets for all F/P/S rest about 2 min between sets


Overhead Squat x8 reps (sub to front Squat)

Power Snatch + Overhead Squat x5 reps
Sub to power clean + Front Squat for any shoulder issues that weren’t solved in today’s video!)

Power Snatch + OHS x7 reps

75 Wall Ball
Every Break is 100 meter run
100 Wall Ball for time
Every Break is 100m run
150 Wall Ball
Every Break is 100m run + 5 burpees

Finish with Hold the bottom of the squat for max time.

MAP: (6:30pm: F/P/S)
3 min on 1 min off x4 rest 5 min repeat.

1. 5x Wall Ball 5m shuttle run x5 sets
2. Row for cal
3. 5x Russian KB Swings 5x No Push Up Burpee (for faster turnover)
4. Airdyne for cal

The rep ranges for 1 &3 are: 5x for Fitness 7 for Performance 10 for sport – the run is still just 5
Those are just for wall ball & kb swings