Franish Friday

Franish Friday

Franish Friday

It’s Friday…let’s have a little ‘fun’…shall we?

Speaking of Fun – we’re coming up on our 5 Year Anniversary…can you believe that?

Technically we had our first class on Monday Jan 12 2009 – although we were affiliated & started training at the first space in Dec 2008.

Monday we’re going to actually celebrate at the box…but mark your calendars for Saturday January 25…

Our Barbell Strength Class is having their ‘Total’ that day at 11am…and we’re going live at High Voltage fav Barney’s Beanery at 7:30pm until we shut the joint down.

You know business in the day party at night…Sat Jan 25 is The Mullet!

Sat Jan 18 is our first official day of Team High Voltage training…if you’re interested come by at 1pm that day to check out all the new stuff we’re adding to the program!


A. Standing Triple Jump Test x 3 attempts (make sure to warm up legs good first)
Both feet jump onto non-dominant leg onto dominant leg land.

B. 7 min AMRAP
Thrusters & Pull Ups

Thrusters (adjust weight as needed – can be db or just front squat)
Pull Ups (jumping pull ups or ring rows as needed)

Thrusters (95/65)
CtB Pull ups (adjust to regular pull ups as needed)

Thrusters (115)
CtB Pull Ups

Finish with the High Voltage Sit Up Test (all together)
2 min on 1 min off 1 min on 30 sec off 30 sec on 10 sec off 10 sec on done.