Holy Crap: 5 Years!!!

Holy Crap: 5 Years!!!

Holy Crap: 5 Years!!!

Brown Bear & Carly 5 years ago to the day! 

There really aren’t a lot of words to describe how I’m feeling right now.

But I’ll do my best…

If you’re not sure what’s going on we had our first training session 5 years ago today! (technically Jan 12 2009 – but it was a Monday so let’s just all have some fun today!)

I was in grad school Carly was in art school. I was training my taekwondo kids on the driveway of the house we shared with 2 other people (not awesome) and Carly was slanging tables at a brewery.

I’m not joking in any way when I say I just needed a place to train the kids because I didn’t have any other way to get funding for school.

So yeah let’s open a gym…how much time could that take?

We didn’t have any grand plan. We definitely didn’t have a business plan. CrossFitters? Nope didn’t have any of them either. And I hear those are important to have.

But we each grew up in gyms and it all just kinda made sense I guess.

When our first 2 peeps finally walked by one night that we were cutting some PVC into parralettes (the same ones we still have cuz I’m sentimental like that) – Greg & Adele – you know Brown Bear & well Adele the Dog Whisperer asked when our first class was. I asked them when they were free.

Ok – crap I guess we have people to train…

When Brown Bear would ask where our squat racks were or kettlebells were – I’d just tell him they were on back order…same with our pull up bars…you get the idea.

But that funny thing happened…we started getting them fit.

Then peeps just kept coming in; too many to name in all

(but those that are still sweating it out) but then Pnutz dropped by and we  couldn’t believe he could squat like 250 for 5×5…ha!…then the Kiefers well Charissa was expecting a Geneva then but she was around WTF Brian (one of our first official knicknames) Tommm! The whole Vallejo family (who came with me from the driveway!)…Dr Curt came in & signed up on his lunch break! I guess he just had a hunch or something…then Frank then Cheetah man this is just off the top of my head – then came in Jelissa aka Pop Tart only because she had a bad workout one night & we asked her why & she said she only ate a Pop-Tart that day…then Chico & Diz…which still cracks me up cuz I didn’t think they’d last the week…and now they’re the first official Firebreather couple! Desi Jonny Wexler who has avoided being nicknamed for nearly 5 years now…I know there’s more from that first bit…

Then all of the sudden High Voltage became like a thing. Like a real thing. I knew what it was & what it did and how we could help people.

And I guess that’s when I realized it.

See I’d been an athlete my whole life. Being an athlete is a pretty selfish thing – and I don’t mean that in a bad way – but just that you have to constantly put yourself before things like going into work if you’re sore (can’t do that – big no-no) or talking to a significant other if you need to watch game tape.

But it was in that first bit there that High Voltage that I realized that my mission is really to help people get fit and have so much fun doing that.

We attacked it like an AMRAP…because what High Voltage had was so special & unique to us – ended up being the same thing that made High Voltage so special & unique to many of you.

And for that I can only say thank you. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for making our gym your 3rd place. Thank you for sharing your successes with us and thank you for allowing us to be there together when we need to regroup & get back to square 1.

But most of all…just thank you.

Tim & Carly

PS – there’s going to be an awesome party at Barneys on Sat Jan 25 at 7:30pm…we’d love everyone to be there – we’d love to see old faces and as always friends & family are welcome because we love to see new ones too.

Monday’s Training: 

Part A is for All Programs:

A.Overhead Squat
In 12 Minutes; Build to a 5 Rep Max
(sub to Front Squat or Push Press depending on what is needed)

B. 5 Rounds for time (movement adjustments are on the side)
1 round for each year ya know?

5x Burpees (P/G: Jump & Touch)
10x Toes to Bar (Fitness: Sit Ups or Hanging Knee Raises)
15x Wall Ball (10’/9′)
20x Box Jumps (Fitness: Step Up – P/S: Open Standards – can still be step down if they want)