Thursday: Team + Shoulders: Pt 2!

Thursday: Team + Shoulders: Pt 2!

Final Update: The first Team High Voltage Training Session is this Saturday January 18 at 1pm.

In the last year this Team has trained super hard – they’ve competed at numerous competitions and earned places on the podium in everything from Endurance to CrossFit to Strength & Speed competitions…and 2014 we’re going to be making that even more amazing.

One of the questions I get the most about Team High Voltage is about who is this for.

Is it for competitors?

Is it for people that have been here a long time?

Is if for people that are really hungry to train?

What if I don’t even want to compete?

And every question in between.

The short answer – YES – Team High Voltage has been designed AND at the same time progressed towards being the group that wants to train arm in arm with each other.

TEAM is the group that wants to really hold themselves accountable. They’re the group that is is going to raise their hands first lean in to the material that I give them even outside of our training sessions.

Most importantly – they’re the ones that are going to be on the front line of representing our box around the state & country. And that doesn’t mean just through competition – it’s might be from that – or maybe it’s from being an awesome teammate.

There’s room for everyone – but to get on board we need to see you there either this Saturday at 1pm (the 18th) or Sat Feb 1 at 1pm.

Check it out for Free this Saturday and see our ‘testers’

The cost is $100 for the year and includes your own ‘Jersey’ that is only earned – we’ll also have other packages for some Team sweathshirts & warm ups too!

Oh – and this Saturday we’re also releasing our brand spanking new Team High Voltage logo…wanna drop some teasers about how great it is….but you’ll just have to be there!


And then there’s this awesome video on Shoulder Mobility & finding the right area to actually start working from our good buddy Dr Jason Han!



Thursday’s Training: 

Fitness Only (6:30pm) 

Skill: Deadlift; 8-10 reps 2020 tempo

WOD: 1 min on 1 min off 2x through for max proper reps!

1. KB Deadlift
2. Burpees
3. Jump Rope
4. Air Squats

 Fitness & Performance: (Note: Sport is ‘Sport Only/Firebreathers’ at 4:30 today & is only announced during the training)

A. Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

Fitness: Hang Power Clean or Clean High Pull

Performance: Build to a 1RM Power Clean & Power Jerk (go up weight as needed)

B. 4 min AMRAP of 50% of heaviest A for max reps:

Fitness: Same Movement chosen in part A

Performance:  Power Clean & Power Jerk

C. 3 min AMRAP of Jump Rope

Fitness: Single Unders

Performance: Double Unders

D. 2 Min AMRAP of Burpees


E. 1 min AMRAP of Air Squats