Friday: Fight Gone Bad!

Friday: Fight Gone Bad!

Friday: Fight Gone Bad!

It’s happening next Saturday night…we want EVERYONE there…it’s the Mullet! 

Business in the day (Barbell Strength total for our amazing group) and Party at night (5 year anniversary party at Barneys Beanery). It’s going to be amazeballs. 


We’re rolling with the good ol’ FGB today at the box.

But we’re not only doing it ‘High Voltage Style’ – aka no sumo deadlift high pulls we’re also making sure it fits with our new Fitness/Performance/Sport training progressions

And every rep is set to take you closer to your goals!

Chiggity check it out!

Friday Training: 


Pull Up Training: 3 min AMRAP

Fitness: Ring Rows or Kipping Pull Up

Performance: Kipping Pull Ups or Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Sport: Muscle Ups or CtB Pull Ups

B. Fight Gone Bad: 

1 min per station rotate to the next station 1 min rest after all 5 stations are completed

1 point per rep + 1 point per cal.

1. Wall Ball (10’/9′ = 20/14 for P/S 10/9′ = adjusted weight for Fitness)

2. Hang Power Clean (Sport =  95/65#/Performance = 75/53#)

or Fitness = KB Swings (35/26 or 18#)

3. Box Jumps (S/P = 24/20. F = Step Ups & Step Downs)

4. Push Press (S = 95/65 P = 75/53 F= 2 Dumbbells)

5. Rowing (for cal)

Looks like a fun class huh?! – It’s much harder to score 300 on the High Voltage version than the original version…who’s got it in them?