Monday: Chelsea!

Monday: Chelsea!

Monday: Chelsea!

It’s Monday and if you didn’t know Monday is my favorite day of the week.

It’s the day of the week we get to set things right without getting behind everything we have to do.

Everyone gets focused on New Year’s Resolutions but really the micro choices we make every week are what add up to our ongoing success.

It’s not in the montage it’s not in the reflection it’s in the moment we make the choice that the ‘future us’ will appreciate.

Because there are a ton of easy choices out there – like skipping “Chealsea” on a Monday – but we’re not in this for easy we’re in this to live our best life every.

So let’s do that together this Monday.

And I’ll see you at the box!


Monday’s Training: 

F/P/S: Aerobic Power/Muscular Endurance Training

A: All groups: Speed & Agility Training + Movement Proficiency & Review

B: Chelsea: EMOM for 30 minutes

Fitness: 3x Pull Ups/Ring Rows/jumping pull ups 6x Push Ups/9x Squats; complete as many rounds as possible. If you have to skip a round continue on the next. Skip rounds as needed then jump back on.

Performance: 5x Pull Ups COVP (chin over vertical plane)/10x Push Ups/15x Squat; score is 1)as many rounds as you get without missing and then 2)as many total rounds completed (meaning if you finally miss a round then jump back on and score total completed)

Sport: 1-2 Muscle Ups (ring or bar) or 5x CtB Pull Ups/10x Hand Release Push Ups/15x Squats add 1 rep to each if you’ve completed add 2 reps if you’ve completed +1 rep each…gym record is +2 for 30 min.

Movement substitution; choose sit ups back extensions jump rope etc for bodyweight movements if there are any current injuries. Make sure to talk to your coach as how you can stay in the game and get the right stimulus out of each day’s training…it’s part of what they’re amazing at!