Thursday: This!

Thursday: This!

Our 5 Year Anniversary Party is this Saturday night at Barneys – 7:30pm until…well you get it. I mean we do have 5 years of celebrating!

And in commemoration of our 5 year anniversary we started the ‘5 Year Anniversary Project’ – some awesome feats of strength & science for you all!

Check these out…and in this order!!!

1. I crack out a pretty sweet 4 for 1 wall ball!

2. Coach Josh back squats 500# for a triple…with help from ‘The new Voltage’ Spotting tech.

And #3: I finally find the perfect training partner!

Ok – if you thought those were awesome you’d better be there Saturday night to see the 5 years of amazeballs!

Thursday’s Training: 

Fitness/Performance: (Sport today is at 4:30pm/Firebreathers)


A1. Fitness: Press x3 Push Press x5 (same weight unbroken)
A1. Performance: 1x Press 3x Push Pres 5x Push Jerk (same weight unbroken)
(any overhead issues go to bench instead of OH Press for 8 reps then barbell bent over rows x8 reps for A2)

A2: Muscle Up/Pull Up Progressions:
F itness- Reverse Grip Pull Ups x 5 Reps (assisted as needed for concentric-  slow eccentric as possible)
+ Holding themselves at the bottom of a static dip x :20
Performance – Muscle up negatives (start at the top and slowly do the movement in reverse)
and MU transitions on the short rings. To as slow as possible (ASAP – ha!)

B. Lactic/Glycolitic mini-tester 
21-15-9 reps for time of;
Box Jumps (Fitness can be step ups or jumps + Step Down P: Jump or step down)
Wall ball (adjust height & weight accordinly)
Burpees (performance w/6″ jump + touch)