Monday: Jan 27. Thank you.

Monday: Jan 27. Thank you.

Monday: Jan 27. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came out & celebrated with us Saturday night.

It was amazing to see so many good faces new & old…who’ve all been with us in some unique way on this crazy journey.

As I said during the slide show a lot of this is about belief.

Thank you for your belief in us. Thank you for your belief in each other.  Thank you for your loyalty when times get tough and circumstances aren’t easy.

Most of all thank you for the belief that we’re stronger together…that together we can accomplish far more than we could even begin to attempt to do alone.

See ya’ll at the box…this week…let’s make it AMAZING! And that starts with you.


Monday’s Training: 

A. 8 Min Movement Prep: Alt EMOM: Start light & work up
Fitness: Odd = 3x Front Squat Even = 6-8 Burpees
Performance:  2x Clean High Pull + 1x Power Clean + FSq Even = 8-10 Burpee + Jump Touch
Sport: 2x Clean High Pull + 1x Squat Clean (T&G) Even = 10-12 Burpee + Jump Touch

B. 11.3; 5 Min AMRAP; Squat Clean & Jerk (or Squat Clean Thruster)

Fitness: Front Squat + Push Press AMRAP (from ground or rack goal would be to get about 30 reps + or – a few)
Performance: Power Clean+ Front Squat or Squat Clean + Push Press/Jerk (work towards 165/110)
Sport: Squat Clean + Thruster (work towards 165/110)

C. 5 Min AMRAP
F: 5x Wall Ball 5x Sit Ups/Hanging Knee Raises
P: 7x Wall Ball 7x Toes to Bar
S: 10x Wall Ball (unbk) 10x T2B (can be chopped up)