Tuesday: Muscle Up Like a Monster!

Tuesday: Muscle Up Like a Monster!

Tuesday: Muscle Up Like a Monster!

The holy grail for Sooooo many CrossFitters….and we’re having an awesome skill seminar next Saturday (Feb 8 at 1pm) led by our own Coach Monster Dan Crawley!

Maybe you’re getting really close to getting your first one? Maybe it’s something that’s 6-9 months away and you want to dig deep into the material so you’ll be on the right track when it’s finally time to get on top of the rings!

Or maybe you’ve got one…or two…but you want to get 17 Unbroken Muscle Ups (but that would NEVER happen)?

Then be here next Saturday! We’re gonna get into some really cool tricks & fixes for all your muscle up problems….but we’re also gonna cap this thing to keep the quality high.

$20 current member early reg (next to the whiteboard)

$25 at the door

$40 non-High Voltage member price

We’ll see ya there on top of the rings!


Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only: 

Pre-Skill AnAerobic
Row 175m rest 2-3 min x 3 sets.

Skill: Kipping Pull Up Progressions

WOD: 1 min per station x4 stations rest 1 min after all 4 stations x 3 sets

1. Jumping Pull Ups (not band assisted for this) – can be kipping if they can kip!
2. Burpee w/Jump Touch
3. Box Step Ups
4. Rowing for Cal
Rest 1 min (but..they can start at any station)


Ax3;. Lactic Power Row Repeats; +25 meters from last weeks intervals

Goal is high lactic effort and low fall of (although there will probably be ‘some’)

Fitness; 175m hard rest 2-3 min
Performance: 275m hard rest 2-3 min
Sport: 375m hard rest 2-3 min

B. 1 min on 1 min off x5 stations rest 1 min after all 5 stations

Score is total reps + cal combined

1. F: Jumping Pull Up/P: Pull Up or CtB/S: CtB Pull ups/Muscle Ups
2. All: Burpee w6″touch
3. F: Box Step Ups P+S: Box Jumps (Open Standards)
4. F: Lemon Sqeezers P+S: V-Ups
5. All: Rowing (for cal)