Wednesday: The Jerk?

Wednesday: The Jerk?

Wednesday: The Jerk?

The Hypnagogic Jerk (HIP-NUH-GAH-JIK)!
SleeparooSo you’re in bed trying to get some shut eye. You’ve just set down the book you’ve been reading and the lights are off.

All of a sudden your whole body twitches once really quick!

What was that?!

Now you’re worried that your body is too restless for sleep and you begin tossing and turning.

You were almost asleep! What happened?

Some of you who just read this little story are getting your mind grapes blown right now thinking “That happens to me all the time!”.

What you just experienced is what medical professionals refer to as the HYPNAGOGIC or HYPNIC JERK.

Hypnogogia is literally the transitional state from wakefulness into deep sleep.

The Hypnagogic Jerk refers to the quick jerk your body experiences during the period of drowsiness preceding sleep.

The experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine believe that there are a number of potential factors that contribute to this strange bodily reaction.

These include stress anxiety irregular sleep schedule STRENUOUS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ;).

Some researchers even believe that this jerk is simply your body’s way of shifting gears into “repair mode”.

The most common theory is that the Hypnic Jerk is brought on by the anxiety of not being able to sleep.

And most people get more anxious when they feel the jerk so they become more worried that they won’t be able to sleep.

The Hypnic Jerk is not the cause of your insomnia your anxiety is!!!

So the next time you’re trying to catch some Z’s and you feel your body twitch you should feel that much more relaxed because it is a clear and physical indication that you are indeed about to get some sleep! SO DON’T WORRY AND GET SOME REST!!!


Wednesday’s Training:
Ax3-4 sets (Structural work)
A1. P/S: Bulgarian Split Squat x8 reps each leg (Fitness: 8x KB Box Step Ups each leg)
A2. 2DB/KB Bent Over Row; 20×1 (arms together: F/P/S)
A3. GHD Raises x5-10 F 8-12 P 12-15 S)

B. Overhead Squat WOD: Full Tabata at each stationscore is total reps
1 tabata round (30 sec) to rotate

1. Overhead Squat (F= From rack or Fsq P: From ground S = MUST Snatch it up: Sub to Front Squat)
2. Slam Ball (all FPS)
3. 5m Shuttle Run (all FPS:1 pt per cone touch)
4. Double Unders (scale as needed)