These videos!

These videos!

Wednesday was a good day 🙂

If we commit we can make Thursday even better.

After months of hard work dedication…this week Hayley not only got a Deadlift PR of 375#…

but this happened too! Congrats #femaleathleteoftheyear #joshandhayley #bestboyfriendever #hearts #pink #hashtag

And…did you have trouble with the Bulgarian Split Squats yesterday? Are pistols a #nemesis?

Check out our buddy Dr Jason Han with some #knowledgeboms

 Thursdays Training (Sport Training is at 4:30 – wanna get in this awesome class – we’re having our Trial by Fire open for everyone on Sunday Feb 23 at 11am…come tackle the beast!)

Fitness Only @6:30pm: 

Pre-Skill ‘warmup Skill’: Burgener warm up progressions w/pvc pipe

Skill: Med Ball Clean & Clean Drills

10 min AMRAP

5x Burpees
7x MB Clean
9x Sit Ups

Fitness &Performance: 

A. 8 min EMOM; working up in weight
F: 3x Hang Power Cleans (or hang clean high pull as needed)
P: 2-4 Power Cleans doesn’t have to be T&G

B. 5 Rounds for time;  F/P/S
5x Deadlifts (heavy- relative to an individuals 1RM)

+ 10x Burpees

C. Finish together with:
Max Plank Side Hold each side: Left & RIght – for max time