Monday…It’s Coming

Monday…It’s Coming

-In case you haven’t heard the 2014 Open is coming.

Many of us have done the Open multiple times. Still a bunch of our newer Volts & Vixens have never experienced the energy at Friday Night Lights.

But don’t worry – we’re working on something really really fun for the Open so everyone in the box can participate. Think of if we crossed Fantasy Foosball with a BBQ – yeah that cool.

I’ve also gotten some questions about donig the Open WOD’s & Friday trainings for March –

1. Yes we’ll always have scaling options & tailoring for everyone. Most important to us is your ongoing health & fitness.

2. While Friday Night Lights will be the show for the Open WOD the regular classes Friday will still go on. They will include Fitness/Performance/Sport approaches to our training and additionally accessory work recovery work and other training that will fit with the workouts that everyone is doing. Don’t worry – we got you.

-And in other news…this happened. 


Monday’s Training: 


A. Alt Emom for 10 minutes (start at either station)
1. 3x Shoulder to overhead (working up/warm up – for all – it can just be Push press with a barbell for Fitness or work on split jerk or rapid reps for Sport)
2. 30 seconds FLR on Ring/Plank Position (great for shoulder & scapular stability & pre/rehab for everyone + muscle endurance

B. “Grace-ish” (2 heats – count for each other/ 7 min cap)

Fitness: 3 rounds for time
10x Push Press (DB or BB) + 10x Burpees over bar/hurdle (sub to Goblet Squat/front squat for any shoulder issues + No Push Up burpees for increased metabolic conditioning)

Performance: “Grace”
30 reps of 135/95# Clean & Jerk for time scale weight as needed)

Sport: Grace Grows Up; 135/155/175 (10 reps at each – partners cannot help them change weight)

C. F/P/S: to finish:
Tabata Hand Release Push Ups; Low Score