Thursday – the craziest video of the week!

Thursday – the craziest video of the week!

If THIS doesn’t get you fired up to come in & train today…

Then just think this – Frank Medrano didn’t ‘start’ like this –

He worked his way up – step by step rep by rep.

You can hold on to that when you’re in a puddle of sweat (aka progress) after today’s training!

PS – there’s 3 spots left for the ‘Muscle Up Like A Monster’ Seminar this Saturday at 1pm! #getit

Thursday’s Training: 

Fitness Only (6:30pm)

Pre-Skill: Structural;
KB Walking Lunges down the floor x3 sets (they go partner goes etc x3 sets)
+ Hollow Rock Positioning

Skill: Thruster; Sets of 5 reps from a rack

WOD: 10 min AMRAP
4x DB Thrusters
4x Pull Ups (jumping/ring row/banded – for metabolic conditioning I love Jumping – but the others are great if they need more structural work etc)

Finish with anything you might need

Fitness Performance Sport (Firebreathers Only at 4:30pm – and our next Firebreather’s Test is Sunday Feb 23 at 11am!)

A. 7 Min Aerobic Power Fran 
+2 reps from last Friday and minus 1 minute off the time
Thrusters & Pull Ups

Fitness: 5/5 (DB’s & Ring Rows or Jumping Pull Ups or Bands – you call)

Performance:5/5 Thrusters (95/65 Pull Ups – CtB if possible

Sport: 7&7 (95/65 CtB Pull Ups)

Bx3; Structural
B1. F: KB Box Step Up x8 each leg; P/S: Bulgarian Split Squat x8 each leg
B2. F/P/: DB Bench Press x8-10 reps; 31×1

C. 3 min AMRAP – coach’s choice