Monday: the week you make it happen!

Monday: the week you make it happen!

Monday: the week you make it happen!

Bob stepped up…attended the ‘Muscle Up Like a Monster’ Skill Clinic on Saturday. 

And imagine that…he now has Muscle Up!!! Great work bro! 

And now for this week – this…this is the week.

It’s a new start (and not the Arrested Development type) – and another change to

For this week: 

  • Saturday – after about 6 weeks of hard training…we’re doing our ‘Get Fit Outta the Box’ training! That means no classes at High Voltage…but…we’re playing Ultimate Frisbee at Johnny Carson Park!

We’re meeting at High Voltage at 9am & then heading over to play. As always friends & family are welcome to come.

  • Get involved – If you haven’t be ready for it! Our in-house CrossFit Games Open fun competition is really starting to get some legs. It’s our own way to get everyone involved in the biggest athletic event in the world (might hit 200k athletes this year).
  • Our goal for this is to have eveyrone involved and meet new people. Regardless of if you’re going ‘rxd’ or not – we can all participate.
  • We’re having all the Coaches & ITP put together their own mini-fun teams. Think of it more as fantasy football than the Olympics (#sochifails). Best of all we’ve set up the teams so your scores can’t hurt your teams they can only help. So jump on board!
  • Register here choose CrossFit High Voltage as your affiliate AND your Team. Then start talking some playful trash to the other mini-teams in the box…and get ready for the awesome energy of Friday Night Lights!


Monday’s Training: 

Ax 4-5;
F: OHS x5-7 reps (from a rack)
P/S: Snatch Balance; x4-5 reps (from a rack is ok)
(any shoulder issues –

A2. Hollow Rock x 20 rocks Back & forth rest 60-90 sec before returning to A1.

B. Mapped out! 5 min on 2 min off – 1x at each station

Score is total rounds at each station complete.

1. F: 5x Russian KB Swings 5x Step Up/BJ + Step Down
P/S: 5x KB Swings 5x Box Jumps (open/games standards)

2. F: 5x Sit Ups 3x Burpees
P/S: 3x T2B 3x Burpees +jump touch

3.  F/P/S (all): 5x Slam Ball
20x Double Unders (50x Rope Passes)