Thursday: Fitness, Performance, Sport

Thursday: Fitness, Performance, Sport

It’s been about six weeks since we’ve switched over to our new ‘Fitness/Performance/Sport’ Programming…

Time for a check in!


Fitness Only:

Pre-Skill: 3 sets of 30 second AMRAP Push Ups rest 30 seconds (while partner goes)

Skill: Overhead Squat x8-10 reps w/1 second pause at bottom

WOD: 4 rounds for max reps;

1 min per station rest 1 min after 3 stations are complete

Overhead Squat (from rack – empty bar)

Burpees over hurdle

Jump Rope

Fitness/Performance (Note; Sport is at 4:30pm – the upcoming ‘Firebreathers Test’ is Sunday Feb 23 at 11am! Check it out!)

Ax4: Structural; 
DB Bench Press + Walking Lunge + Sotts Press rest about a minute -2 min after all 3 movements are complete

F: DB Bench x8; 30×0
+ 10x Walking Lunge Steps (each leg alt)
+8-10 Sotts Press w/pvc or light bar

P: DB Bench; 8-10 reps; 31×1
+ 8x KB Box Step up (each leg alt)
+ Sotts Press 5-7 reps w/ 1 sec hold overhead)

B. “Jeremy” 
21-15-9 reps for time
Overhead Squat
Burpees w/ jump over barbell

F: Overhead Squat or Front Squat (weight adjusted)
P: 95/65