BBF with Fran? NOT!!!

BBF with Fran? NOT!!!

Word around the gym is that Fran has not made any new friends. Not even on Valentines Day…

If you are saying this and feel really sore it is very important to jump on the recovery bandwagon. So if you thinking of sitting on the couch all day get off your little tush and MOVE!

Move meaning go for a brisk walk light jog mobilize or even workout but go at a pace that is appropriate to properly recovery. If you are feeling delayed onset muscle soreness today go lighter on weight and/or MOVE!

The true definition of recovery is to return to a normal state of health mind or strength.

If you want to have fun and recovery this Saturday Josh will be leading an ultimate frisbee game. Meet at the gym at 9 am or be at Johnny Carson Park.


Friday’s Training

Ax4-5 sets

A1. Strict Pull Up training rest 20 sec before A2

Fitness; 5-7 reps; 31A1 (partner assisted on the UP if needed – focus on strong negatives)
Performance; 5 reps weighted (doesn’t can just be strict) – can be broken up
Sport; 5 reps weighted unbroken

A2. L-Sit

Fitness: Tuck Hold; accumulate 20-30 secs (from various holds)

Performance; Accumulate 20-30 sec (from various holds)

Sport; 30 seconds unbroken each round

rest 90 sec before 1 min before returning to A1


B. Tower of Power; Back Squats

1 min on 3 min off

Rd 1; 1 pt per rep

Rd 2; 3 pts per rep

Rd 3; 7 pts per rep

Rd 4; 3 pts per rep

Rd 5; 1 pt per rep


Fitness; will have to be adjusted for individuals based on each person’s 1RM – but for a jumping off point

M; 65/95/135

W; 45/65/75


M: 135/185/225

W: 95/115/155


M: 185/225/275

W: 115/155/185