Tuesday: Behind the Scenes

Tuesday: Behind the Scenes




Fitness Only; 6:30pm
Pre-Skill; Structural; Pull Up Negative w/partner; 3 sets of ~5 reps; 41A1 back & forth w/partners

Skill: Hang Power Clean Progressions &
Sets of 5 reps with bar (can add some weight as needed – but mostly to get the movement down for the Open)

10 Min AMRAP;
4 min Wall Ball
3 min Jumping Pull Ups
2 min KB Swings (russian)
1 min Wall Ball

A. EMOM for 10 minutes; 
Fitness: Hang Power Clean x5 reps
Perf: Power Clean x2 (rest 5 sec between reps- so basically heavy single rest 5 short seconds heavy single)
Sport: Power Clean x2 Must be T&G

B. 10 min Work Capacity Test 3.0
1 pt per rep – total points wins.

  • 4 min

Wall Ball (all)

  • 3 Min

Pull Ups: (F: Jumping/Chin; P: Chin/CtB S: CtB)

  • 2 min

F: Russian KB swing OR Hang Power Clean

Perf: Power Clean (~2/3 of A)

Sport: Power Clean – must be sets of 2 T&G (~2/3 of A)

  • 1 min

Wall Ball (all)

C. Max Bridge Hold with 45/25# on hips.