Monday: A New Beginning

Monday: A New Beginning

Monday: A New Beginning

It was a BIG weekend at the box. We had our newest Platoon begin their 6 week Transformation Journey with The World’s Best Bootcamp.

We also had our first ever gym wide ‘Firebreathers Test’ and even dabbled in ‘The Volt’.

While these 2 groups seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum – some just getting started – and another trying to make the most incremental of ‘dem gainz’ to unlock more of their full potential…

I actually think they’re incredibly similar.


Each is pushing themselves to the limits of their current ability.

Each is stepping into unknown personal territory.

There is no guarantee of success.

And they’re putting themselves out there for everyone to see.


For me – that is ULTIMATE respect.

For our Firebreathers that took on ‘The Volt’ – remember that there is always something new to strive for. Congrats to Steven for being the first to ever pass this test…so I guess it’s now time for me to make another 🙂 This should mark a new beginning in each of your fitness journeys.

For the 3 new Firebreathers; Spencer Chad & Sarah – a huge congrats. You have now stepped up and showed everyone in the Community that you belong at the top. This marks a new beginning to your fitness journey.

For our group that put themselves and their training on the line but didn’t end up with the result they’d hoped for. Remember that the ultimate outcome of this [or any] test is to learn more about ourselves…you should come back to training with more ammo – more insight – and more determination…because this also marks a new beginning to your fitness journey. There is a reason that our motto is Full Effort is Full Victory.

And for our World’s Best Bootcampers…you’re going to be sore…you’re going to be excited…and you’re going to have 6 amazing weeks ahead of you. Dig in it’s going to be awesome!

Because no matter if your journey starts here…







Or here…


We always end up here. Together.


A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support our peeps pushing themselves and giving their Full Effort.

Monday’s Training: 


Low muscular endurance high breathing/turn over

A. Front Squat:

Fitness; 5-7 reps; 31×1
P/S: 5 -7 reps ~ lighter & move the weight quickly w/torso & rack solid

B. 4min AMRAP rest 2 min x 3 sets

1. Wall Ball + Dubs
F: 3wb +25 passes
P: 4wb +15 Dubs [20/14#: 10/9′ target]
S: 4wb +25 Dubs

2. Burpees + T2B

F:  3x Burpees 3x Sit Ups

P/S: 3x Burpees 3x T2B

3. KB Swing/DB Snatch + Shuttle Run [5m = 1 rep]
F: 4x KB Swing + 6 shuttles [30m total]
P/S: 6x Alt Arm DB Snatch [3 each arm alt each rep] + 8 Shuttles [40m total]