Tuesday: New Stuff!

Tuesday: New Stuff!

Tuesday: New Stuff!

So – what’s new at the box you might ask?

And you may say to yourself – what are these new whiteboards in the GOAT Work area?

You may say to yourself – what is the GOAT Work Area?

And you may look around and wonder – what are these CrossOver Symmetry Bands and how do I use them to keep my shoulders healthy silky & smooth…

And you may finally wonder – wow is it really THIS coming Monday that we’re making the switch for our AM classes to 5:30am & 6:30am [because you all asked – we’re here for ya]??

So rather than rehash any more of a Talking Heads song…we just made a video. Enjoy!

-PS – one whiteboard is for our fun mini-team In-House competition for the CrossFit Games Open – all of our Coaches & ITP are racking up some amazingly diverse teams – but you gotta register here; Games.CrossFit.com  & select High Voltage as your box!

-PPS – we’re currently in 7th place in all of SoCal…and already have more Volts & Vixens registered to rep High Voltage than we EVER have before! Thank You Everyone!!!

Tuesday’s Training: 

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill Structural: Strict Pull Ups

Skill: Push Press; sets of 7-8 reps

WOD: 4 rounds: 1 min per station rest 1 min after 3 stations

1. Row for Cal

2. Burpees

3.  DB Push Press

Score is total reps combined.


Ax4 –
A1. For Technique; 1 Cycle of; 9x DL 6x HPC 3x Shoulder to Overhead – move through these reps at a weight that is smooth.

Fitness: w/DB’s

P/S: With Barbell – load is up to them – but DT is at 155# – so that can be a good guage for many – should be unbroken

Rest exactly 30 sec before A2

A2. Burpees
P/S: 10 AFAP

Rest exactly 30 sec before A3

A3.  Strict Chin Ups
F: Strict Chin Ups x5-7; 31A1 [can be partner banded or ring row]
P: Strict/Weighted Narrow Grip Chin x3; [can be broken if needed]
S: Strict/Weighted Chin Narrow Grip x3 [must be unbroken]

Rest exactly 1 min before returning to A1.

B. – 1 min per station 3 stations x3 sets
Rest 1 min after 3 stations [start at your worst station]
1. Row: [cal]
2. HPC F:  DB P/S: BB:Something light that you can turn over – shouldn’t be draining
3. DB Push Press: Same instructions as HPC [but diff weight obv]