Wednesday: Me vs??

Wednesday: Me vs??

Why is this Friday going to be amazeballs?

Because ultimately our fitness training is a test of us against ourselves.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Wednesday’s Training: 


All; Ax4-5 sets

x 5-7 reps rest 90 sec after each set

B. Mish-Mash MAP: – high breathing pace – low muscle endurance
30 sec on 30 sec off – rotate
Go through 4 times

1. Row [cal]

2. Dubs [Fitness is single unders]

3. KB Swing [Fitness = Russian Swing]

4. Sit Ups

5. OHS [light] – sub to lighter weight OR Goblet Squat

Rest 2 min

MAP [6:30pm]
Same as B for F/P/S; but go through 6 times [no part A]
Sub out OHS for Goblet Squat as needed