Thursday: A Special Holiday

Thursday: A Special Holiday

Thursday: A Special Holiday

The Open is upon us. Rejoice!

The first experience I had with CrossFit Games Open was in 2011 when they first made it an online competition.

The personal experience was extremely remarkable however something donned on me during that first year…

I think about the 2nd or 3rd week in the workout was released and the clock was counting down from 10 for me as I was about to hit it.

As it neared “3-2-1-GO!” I remember thinking “I wonder how many people around the world are about to do this very same workout with me right now?”

It really gave me a sense of belonging and camaraderie. CrossFitters are spread out around the globe come in all shapes and sizes all colors and creeds.

We are connected by one thing… Our love for hard work dedication and CrossFit :).

The Open is a competition yes. But it is also something so much more!

It is the one time of year where we all go through the same trials pains victories failures and personal growth all as one. Each year is a milestone for all of us!

So if you are a CrossFitter who is just starting out or someone who is a seasoned veteran don’t let the Open pass you by. You’ll wish you had done it and experienced it.

It’s time to celebrate our Sport and our Lifestyle! The Open is here!

Thursday’s Training:
A. Hollow Rock Drills & Band Sprints

-Jerk Balance Drills
No more than 50% of 1RM

C. Death by 10 meters!