Monday: A week of Firsts

Monday: A week of Firsts

I can’t believe how many ‘firsts’ we had last week…first double unders first muscle ups first piece of confidence and using it to build so much more.

See how many ‘firsts’ you can spot in the video our ‘Documentarian of the Year’ Melissa captured & put in the AWESOME video!

Post answers to comments.

Friday Night Lights Crossfit Open 14.1 from Melissa Arredondo on Vimeo.

Don’t forget 0 you have until 5pm TODAY to get your scores in for 14.1 to! Don’t miss out!

Monday’s Training: 


A1. Front Squat to a heavy 3 rep
Fitness x3 reps;  31×1;

P/S: no tempo – but try to explode out of the hole.

A2. [only do A2 x4 sets]Dips; AMRAP 20 seconds
Fitness: With Band; 30×1 x5-7 reps
P/S:15 sec AMRAP (rings or static)

B. Mapped Out Monday!

3 min on 1 min off x4 (station 1 then station 2 then station 1 then station 2)

1.Wall Ball/T2B
F: 3 wall ball 3x Hanging Knee Raise
P: 4 Wall Ball 4x T2B
S:5x Wall Ball 5x T2B

2. Burpee BJ BBJ

F: 3x Burpee 3x Box Step Up 3x Burpee Step Up

P: 4x Burpee 4x Box Jump/Step Up 3x Burpee Box Jump/Step Up

S: 5x Burpee 5x BJ 5x BBJ/Step Up

Note – step ups are generally NOT slower than box jumps for metabolic conditioning. You are able to catch your breath as well & push through harder on other parts of the WOD – give it a try.
Repeat each one 1 more time;