Tuesday: Original Mayhem!

Tuesday: Original Mayhem!

Tuesday: Original Mayhem!


So – it’s been 5 years of awesomeness at High Voltage…at the 5 year anniversary party we looked around and saw so many peeps that have been training with us since that first year!

We realized needed something that kinda wrapped all that up…

And so the High Voltage Originals/Mayhem of High Voltage shirts were born!

Yes – we’re HUGE Sons of Anarchy fans…and now we’ve finally got our own gym ‘cut’…

These are Pre-Order ONLY – and we’ve got t’s & tanks.

Sign up is next to the white board!  Pre-order ends next Friday 3/14

Next time we’ll roll these out might be at our 10 year anniversary party…so don’t miss out!


Tuesday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm Tuesday & Thursday’s]

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Skill: Push Press; sets of 5-6 reps

WOD: 3 rounds: 90 sec per station rest 90 sec after 3 stations

1. Row for Cal

2. Burpees

3. DB Push Press

Score is total reps combined. 


Fitness/Performance/Sport [P/S is at 4:30 T/Th]

Ax3 – [12-15 min] – Do a few warm up sets with the bar first;
A1. 1 Cycle of; 9x DL 7x HPC 5x Sto – move through these reps +5# from last week [with increased reps] – improve cycle times & turnover

Fitness: w/DB’s [don’t worry about db’s touching ground- if they do great if not – keeping their back in proper position is more important]
This will also make the HPC that much easier for them because they don’t have to navigate around a bar
P/S: With Barbell – load is up to them – but DT is at 155# – so that can be a good guage for many – should be unbroken
Rest exactly 30 sec

A2. Burpees
P/S: 12 AFAP [jump & touch]
Rest exactly 30 sec

F: Strict Chin Ups x5-7; 31A1 [can be partner banded or ring row]
P: Muscle Up Progressions x5 reps
S: Muscle Ups x3-5 reps
Rest exactly 1 min

B. – Aerobic Power Paced – look for the exact same scores for each rd – no fall off

Make movements crips minimize slop for this.

30 sec per station – rest 90 sec after all 3 stations are done – FAST transitions
-CtB Pull Ups [Fitness – Jumping pull ups or Ring Rows]

-Shoulder to Overhead [fitness – DB’s]

-Burpees [P/S + jump touch]