Thursday: Muscle Fuel!

Thursday: Muscle Fuel!

So we’re going through the Open…our 2nd Friday Night Lights is happening tomorrow night at 5:30pm [friday night at 5:30pm]…

The first week was amazing…and so was the WOD – higher rep more metabolic workout…

That means we can figure week 2 is going to be more muscular endurance & different turnover…

And do make sure our peeps are able to stay in the game and get the most out of each Open workout we’re happy to introduce a brand new product to the High Voltage Community –

Introducing the newest Rich Froning Approved product – Muscle Fuel! 

We say it’s ‘Froning Approved’ – because it’s come out that it’s one of the products he’s been using for the last 3 years…even when he was sponsored by BSN Supplements…he was taking Spark & this – among some others we’ll be bringing to you soon.

It comes in single serving packs similar to everyone’s favorite Spark and is designed specifically to enhance physical performance & endurance facilitate muscle recovery and support multiple metabolic processes that come up during challenge workouts.

We’ll have some to sample before this coming Friday Night Lights…check it out & give your best performance ever!

Thursday’s Training:

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill: Structural; Hollow Rock work

Skill: KB Walking Lunge down floor x 3 sets

+ double under technique

WOD: Tabata low score – rest 1 min during rotatio [full tabata at each station]


Slam Ball

Jump Rope



A. Skillz x3-4 sets

A1. 2KB in front rack; Walking Lunge down floor rest 20 sec
A2. Hollow Rocks x10-20 rest only 20 sec
A3. Turkish Get Ups x3 each arm rest only 60 sec

B. Rowing slam ball & dubs

Full Tabata at each station for low score

-Want a real challenge…try the 50# Slam Ball!

then rotate -start at any station!

Finisher as needed.