Tuesday: 80’s Yo!

Tuesday: 80’s Yo!

Tuesday: 80’s Yo!

This week’s Friday Night Lights…we’re going back!
Back to the Future…with an 80’s themed night! #bustouttheneon
We’re half way through this challenging test – and I’ve seen some absolutely incredible achievements already.
  • I saw Susan & Andrea BOTH PR their Overhead Squats…Just to be able to do the WOD…and then kept repping them out!
  • I saw Robin [and a few others] get her very first Chest to Bar Pull Ups…and then some!
Volts & Vixens getting are all getting many of their ‘firsts’ – conquering skillz that wouldn’t have come quite so quickly without them putting their training to the test…and having our entire community support them along the way.
And THAT is the recipe for amazing!
Ok gang – I’ll see you at the box this week…and don’t forget your neon forFriday Night!


Tuesday’s Training: 

Fitness Only [6:30pm]

Pre-Skill Structural: Strict Pulls/Ring Rows 3 sets x 5-7 reps

Skill: Front Squat x 5 reps 30×0

15 min AMRAP
200M Run
5x Hanging Knee Raises
5x Burpee
5x Wall Ball
5x Box Step Ups


A. Alt EMOM; 12
1. Front Squat x 2 reps [all – working up in weight]
2. Muscle Up Transition
F: Strict Pull Ups x4-5; 31A1
P&S: Work on Swinging on the Rings – x3-5 reps [whether it’s belly to bar or doing mu’s]

B. 15 min AMRAP

200m Run
T2B/Hanging Knee Raises
Burpee Jump Touch
Wall Ball
Box Jump

F: 5 Each
P: 7 Each
S: 10 Each