Thursday: Sleep, Pt Deux!

Thursday: Sleep, Pt Deux!

Thursday: Sleep, Pt Deux!

If you’ve been following along from home…you know that we love to combine hard training with hard recovery…

And…if you’ve been playing super close attention – you know that I have had the WORST time sleeping for most of my life.

In the last year I’ve really set out to tackle this. I have horrible night time anxiety that I won’t sleep – and that only makes falling asleep worse…

Then – if you don’t sleep the next day is crap etc etc etc.

About 10 months ago I wrote THIS blog on how Magnesium Calcium Zinc…PLUS…L-Theanine (aka your GABA’s) and Omega-3 will help you relax wind down & stay asleep (Additionally this helps speed up recovery and reduces adrenal fatigue).

For a long time I thought this was just me. But after writing about it on our site…I’ve had several of you come up to me & share similar experiences.

This got me to dig deeper….


And for me…I’ve finally found my solution! 


It’s called Sleep Works – It’s a liquid vitamin & herbal supplement. Where Night Time Recovery helps the quality of your sleep & is like taking a protein shake at night…Sleep Works puts me down for the night.

It has all the things I was looking for last year – Magnesium Calcium Zinc…PLUS…L-Theanine – but it’s not like taking NyQuil or some crap like that.

I finally fall asleep without the TV on [but sometimes I keep it on just because of habit] – where I usually fall asleep at 1-2am…most nights I’m down before 11pm…

And for me – that’s HUGE.

One good night helps set up success for the next day. That starts making good habits. Good habits…yeah…I’m sure you know the rest.

So if you’re someone like me who

  • Is looking for a restful good night’s sleep
  • Is waking up during the night
  • Has difficulty falling asleep

Then this might be something to give a shot.

Oh – one more thing – we’re going to be carrying this at the box starting Friday Night! I only have enough for people to sample at first – so if you’re interested let me know. 

They’re $3.99 per bottle [they come like a 5 hour energy type deal] – or a box of 12 for $35.99. I’ll make sure those of you who are like me can get hooked up with enough to hit WOD’s with your full effort & recover fully!


Thursday’s Training

Fitness Only: 6:30pm

Pre-Skill: Rope Climb Positioning

Skill: Deadlift x8-10 reps; 2020

WOD: Full Tabata at each station [score is total reps + cal]

1. Rowing for Cal

2. Slam Ball

3. KB Walking Lunge



A1. Bench Press x5 reps; 30×1 [spot your partner then rotate]

A2. Rope Climbs x2-3 ascents ADAP


B1. RDL x8; 2020

B2. KB Box Step Up x6 each leg rest 90 sec before B1.

C. 1k Row for time [Feeling it? Go for a PR! Or if Friday Nights is your focus – go for about 85-90%]