Tuesday: Unstoppable

Tuesday: Unstoppable

I love this stuff!

Tuesday’s Training

Fitness Only; 6:30pm
Pre-Skill AnAerobic:
Row 150m hard x 3 sets

Skill: Hang Clean – sets of 5 reps

Tabata at each station (score is total reps combined + cals)
-Rowing for cal
-Slam Ball

Fitness/Performance/Sport [note- Sport/Performance class at 4:30pm is…ON!]

A. EMOM for 8 min;
Cleans – working up in weight
1x Power Clean + 1x Squat Clean
Fitness; From Hang
Performance: From Floor
Sport; From Floor – touch & go

B. L-Sit: 2 attempts for total time; score is combined time

C. 1 min on 1 min off x 4 sets [can have alt start times – person 1 at even minute person 2 at odd minute]

3x Hang Power Clean or 6x Russian KB swings
+ 4x Burpee

3x Hang Squat Clean [can also be hang power + Front Squat]
+ 4x Burpee over bar

3x Hang Squat Cleans [must be unbroken]
4x Burpees over Bar

Score is total AMRAP of all sets