Thursday: Row that boat!

Thursday: Row that boat!

Don’t forget – our FOURTH Friday Night Lights is Super Hero Night! Come dressed up!

Thursday’s Training:

Fitness Only: 6:30pm

Pre-Skill; Structural Dips; banded x8 reps; 30×0 x 3 sets

Skill: Deadlift x8 reps; 2020

WOD: for time at each interval

1k row rest 4 min

500m row rest 3 min

250 row rest 2 min

100m row



Ax4 sets

A1. RDL:

Fitness x8 reps; 30×0 rest 20 sec

Performance x6reps; 30×0 rest 20 sec


Fitness x 8 reps; 30×0 (can be assisted or banded)

Performance x5 reps; 30×0 (can be weighted if able – going up in weight)

B. Rowing +…(fatigue testing – all)

If hitting Friday night lights – go about 80%…if not…go 100%!

1. Row 1k…rest 4 min

2. Row 500m…rest 3 min

3. Row 250m rest 2 min

4. Row 100m

Score is time for each interval.