Monday: Bright & Early!

Monday: Bright & Early!

Monday: Bright & Early!

Don’t forget – to keep up with our Communities’ growth  – we’re E X P A N D I N G our morning training at High Voltage!

That means on Monday & Wednesday’s we now have THREE early AM sessions to help you get the in the fittest shape of your life (and just before #beachseason).

Our new schedule for the mornings is:

Monday & Wednesdays: 5:30 & 6:30am- Fitness/Performance Training – then at 7:30am our super popular MAP Session (Max Aerobic POWER!).

Friday’s: 5:30 & 6:30am – Fitness/Performance Training [no 7:30am just yet – if it’s as popular as we’re planning – this will be the next class we add to our schedule!]

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s are also 5:30/6:30am Fitness/Performance.


2nd: This Friday Night is our last CrossFit Games Open ‘Friday Night Lights’…and the theme is…

Spirit Night!

That means break out the Red’s & Blue’s…and let’s come throw down one more time to complete this 5 week mission.

We’re on the cusp of qualifying both a Team [we were in 30th last week…hopefully #movinonup this week] – and 2 inidividuals [Hayley & Tom] for Regionals.

And…just like everything else we do – we perform better together.

Accountability energy and positivity form the foundation to any amazing pursuit – and yes…YOU ARE NEEDED!
Monday’s Training: 


A. 12 min EMOM – build to a heavy single Thruster

Fitness: From Rack

Performance: From Ground


Sport: From Ground – Squat Clean Thruster/aka Cluster

B. 400m run – then 30-20-10 reps for time of the complex.

F: DB Thrusters/Burpees

P: Thrusters [95/65#]/Burpees over bar

S: Thrusters/burpees over bar
95/65 for 21’s 115/75 for 15’s 135/85 for 9’s


MAP: 7:30am

3 min AMRAP rest 1 min x 5 sets rest 3 min – then repeat the whole thing again.

1. 3x DB Thrusters 3x Burpees

2. Row for Cal

3. 3x Slam Ball 6x Sit Ups

4. Row for Cal

5. 3x KB Swings 9x Back Extensions