Tuesday: 140325

Tuesday: 140325

Tuesday: 140325

Tuesday’s Training;

Fitness Only

Pre-Skill: Structural;
Strict Pull Ups x5-7 reps [banded or assisted] x3 sets

Skill: Deadlift x8-10 reps; 2020

1 min per station – rest 1 min after all 4 stations are complete x 3 rounds

-KB Swings
-Sit Ups
-Box Step Ups


Ax4-5 sets. Deadlift
Fx8; 2020
P/S: x5; 2020 tempo rest 2-3 min

Bx3: Follow Rest Precisely.
B1. Walking Lunge x8 steps down floor
KB or double KB in front rack rest 30 sec

B2. Strict Pull Ups
F: Banded or Assisted Pull Ups x5
P/S: AMRAP Strict Pull Ups w/alt grip
Underhand one hand forward other hand forward
rest 30 sec

B3. Burpees
F: x8 Fast
P: x10 Fast
S: x12 Fast

Rest 1 min

C. 4 min Max Rep KB Swings (4)
Every break = 3 strider each leg penalty

The goal is not to go unbroken – but to go heavy & get big sets.